Why am I Fat?

In order to succeed on your road of losing weight, first you will need to identify why you are fat and then try to avoid all the reasons you have identified. It is either you are fat or not. If you know you are, then it is obvious for the others, so if someone makes an observation it is meaningless for you to start a quarrel. There are two possibilities here: either you accept the fact that you are fat or you will do everything you can to change it – it is your decision.

In the first case you will agree that you are fat and will say that you know it but there is nothing you could do about it. In the second case you will take up the challenge and try to do your best to get results and if that is what you want you have to begin with the question:

Why are you fat?

Usually the answers are like: “I don’t have time for a scheduled eating plan, so I eat whenever I can find some free time.” or “I eat at the wrong quantities, and when I eat, I do it fast because I’m busy running my business and it takes away all of the time I may have exercised. When I’m at home I have to look after my kids, take care of the house keeping, so I can’t follow a diet even if I wanted to. I miss the important meals of the day and when I eat I eat a lot, because I’m so hungry.”

The thing is if you have children you will take care for them to eat well though. But you must respect your needs to and if you find some family support in your weight loss routine the whole thing will be much easier for you.

Another thing that you certainly know is good for you is to drink a lot of fluids everyday. Yes enough fluids are alright but not if you are drinking coffee and coke all the way. Your daily cups of coke are rich in sugar and contribute to your total calorie intake without really satisfying your appetite, and the coffee you drink regularly, affects your nerve system when you grow older and increases your cholesterol levels. And do not be mistaken it doesn’t really makes any difference whether it is decaff or a diet coke.

All of the mentioned problems are some of the reasons for that you are fat, but they are not so serious problems, they sound more like excuses. Excuses do not make things better they make them worse. You have to stop blaming your work, your children and everyone else. You will need to take the responsibility for your life and your health.

To start changing your habits and your lifestyle you may need a strong motivation. Sedentary life and eating the wrong foods will be the reason for different health problems when you grow older, and the opposite will improve your health, shape and strength for years ahead. I think this is enough reason for you to begin with the changes at this moment.

For those of you who like to eat all sorts of sweets all the time, think about it that way: whether you prefer to be happy while you are eating and feel very disappointed when you look into the mirror, or you prefer to make smarter food choices and feel great in front of the mirror and all the day long.

You just have to remember that to achieve one thing you have to give up another and the choice is all yours.

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