Fruits and Vegetables – the Gifts from Nature

The Healing Power of the Colors

health benefits of fruits and vegetablesEveryone knows that the different colors can influence our mood in a specific way. Red and yellow are warm colors, and they heat up, and stimulate. Blue and violet colors – chill and calm down. Green is the color of nature – it creates balance and harmony. The food we eat may have similar effect, in other words each color to correspond to specific parts of the body. Equally colored fruits or vegetables for example usually possess similar nutritional properties and chemical composition. Green leafy vegetables are especially good sources for iron, while citrus fruits for vitamin C. One of the basic and strongest healthy-eating principles is to reap the health benefits of fruits and vegetables, and furthermore to include them in our everyday meals, and aim at various, and different colored ones.

The Benefits of Red Colored Fruits and Vegetables

radishes and tomatoThe red products (tomatoes, strawberries, raspberries, cherries, etc) make us full of energy. They improve the food absorption and flush out toxins out of the system. The color of red can stimulate us for accomplishing our everyday goals and bestows strength and confidence. In difficult times, when you suffer from depression, you can help yourself out by adding extra red fruits or vegetables to your meal. Red-colored foods assist the function of the adrenal gland, and they are irreplaceable for people suffering from anemia, and for those more sensitive to cold.

The Properties of the Orange Color

carrots and appricotsProducts with orange color also make us full of energy, strengthen the immune system, improve blood circulation and digestion. Common representatives from this group are: oranges, apricots, carrots and pumpkin. Orange is a warm color which introduce joy and keeps us away from negative emotions. This color is also related to the sexual life and the reproductive system. Orange can make us more sociable, creative and more optimistic. It has beneficial effect on the mental and physical development, and influences the better function of the digestive system.

Yellow Fruits and Vegetables

bananasYellow is a cheerful color which brings the feeling of lightness in our life. It surrounds us with the positive emotions of warmth, joy and laughter. This is a color that brings knowledge and wisdom, helping to broaden our view of life. Yellow is necessary in the maintenance of the nervous system, and is closely related to the processes in the digestive system. Typical yellow-colored gifts from nature are: bananas, yellow peppers, plums and many of the grain products. Foods from this group stimulate brain activity – developing thinking skills, therefore if you are learning or processing large amount of information, yellow food products can be highly effective in such cases. This color also possesses beneficial effect on the properties of the skin.

The Power of Greens

fresh spinachGreen is a color that introduces calmness, balance and harmony into the systems of the human body. Affects highly the heart and arterial blood pressure, helps to calm down nerves, and to improve the function of the lungs. Green is the color of freshness and free spirit and helps with stress relief, and dealing with headaches and emotional pressure. Fruits and vegetables with such decoration distinguish with high nutritional values, especially green leafy vegetables which are rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Spinach, salad crops, broccoli and avocado are amongst the most recommended fruits and vegs, when it comes to healthy diets.

Purple and Blue Gifts from Nature

aubergine and plumsThe purple is closely connected with our intuition and spirituality. Products from this group (blue plums, beetroot, aubergine etc.) tend to improve contemplation and spiritual life. They also help to strengthen and maintain the central nervous system and the brain, and play important role for the mental health. The purple is a calm color and corresponds to physical and psychological relaxation. It is also recommended for those who suffer from insomnia.

The Properties of the Brown Colored Foods

coffee and cinamonThe color of brown brings clearness into our life and help us getting more deeply into the essence of things. This is the color that corresponds to important human emotional states, like: compassion, cautiousness and honesty. It has a control over the thyroid gland, affects the mental and psychological abilities, and also stimulates vision and hearing. In case of health problems with the eyes, ears, nose as well as the skin and lungs, a good advice is to turn to more brown-colored foods (tea, coffee, cocoa, buckwheat etc.).

Tip to maximize the health benefits of fruits and vegetables:

Use the different colors in the appropriate time of the day. Use the violet in the evening, green and yellow during the morning, red and orange throughout the day, to fill you up with energy. Surrounding ourselves with the various colors of nature can have a healing effect. And the care for the colors of our meals, may occur to be fanny and interesting way to control our health and confidence.

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