Why Is Fitness so Essential for Our Well-being?

fit womanWhy is fitness so important for our health? Knowing not only why we should do anything, but the reason why is it important will help to keep us focused.

Practically every news or story all over the web, on TV, newspapers or magazines mentions fitness, but not all of them explain why it is of so mach importance to our health.

Recently the general attitude of people towards fitness has changed and we are now much more concerned and aware of the need for positively living. Most of us now recognize the great importance of the health related fitness than ever before. We are encouraged to have “positive attitude” toward our health by talk shows, fitness websites and online forums, and they all appeal for better care of our body and mind.

It is very important to treat our body well and keep it physically fit, and if we do, it will “thanks” us ten times over. Let’s learn how!

The Many Benefits of the Health Related Fitness

the importance of health related fitnessThe importance of health related fitness does not by all means concentrate on building muscled and chiseled body, it rather concentrates on the better health and the feel-good factor. Maintaining good fitness levels also does not necessary mean you are bond to go at the gym and train with heavy weights and exercise machines. There can be many excellent outdoor activities you can perform while having fun (running, cycling, hiking, dancing, swimming), even a late afternoon walk in clean air will contribute to your overall physical levels.

Self Esteem – a person who is fit tend to have much confidence in his life. Not only because he will look good to everyone around, but because of the inner comfort and feel-good excitement.

Thanks to fitness there can be an increase in mental sharpness and concentration, due to the increased blood circulation in the brain, achieved by proper nutrition and physical exercises.

Exercising prevents a lot of health-care problems too. The problems of coronary heart diseases, diabetes, hypertension, cancers can be all avoided, or with significantly decreased risk of ocurring, if you take a little of your time to make your body fit. Lots of movement will speed up and control our metabolism, which will help the body to absorb and process the food we consume, to properly control the insulin levels, and to burn more calories, respectively excess fat. Therefore being physically active is a natural way to control your body weight and shape.

If we exercise more often, our body can better handle dangerous chemicals like free radicals. Our heart muscles grow thicker and pump more blood, nutrient absorption is at optimal levels, bones grow bigger and stronger and the healing process occurs at faster rate.

Fitness is one of the main reasons to maintain a minimum level of health and to keep our body looking and feeling good and at optimum functional state.

Health and fitness is determined by our living habits – what we eat, how we live, what kind of daily activities we get involved in. In other words, to make fitness part of our life we have to build it into our everyday lifestyle. We should make better choices about the type of food we eat, how much and how often we eat and how often we take out time for physical exercise.

Being fit or improving our physical condition is a matter of how we as individuals choose to live and the amount of fitness we aspire to. We all need a certain amount of the right exercises to stay healthy, regardless of our lifestyle, age or physical ability.

Fitness may be the saving grace if you find yourself in a life threatening situation. You will be capable to defend yourself or you will need to really be fit to run for your life and not gas out after the first 100 meters.

Maintaining physical fitness at a good rate will give you an overall feeling of better health, increased energy levels and vitality, it is a happy feeling that can grow into an even greater happiness.

The health related fitness is something we should all desire and aspire to!