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Lose Weight Tips

How to lose weight tips and tricks, which will help you to burn excess body fat and further to improve your results Achieving your weight loss goals isn’t some quick process, it’s a matter of gradually making small changes and build them into your daily lifestyle. If the results aren’t coming as fast as you

How to Live a Healthy Lifestyle

Quality of Our Life Quality of our life is the degree of well-being felt by ourselves. It is determined by two major factors: physical and psychological. The physical aspect consists of things such as health, diet, strength and protection against pain and disease. The psychological aspect includes pleasure, satisfaction, frustration, worry and other positive and

Lose Weight and Detox

When starting to lose weight, one of the things people often recommend is detoxing. WHAT IS DETOXING? Detoxing is a way of cleansing the body of toxins. WHAT ARE TOXINS? Without getting into scientific terminologies we could refer to anything that is capable of causing a disease on contact, or that is being absorbed by

What Are the Different Types of Fats?

What we eat plays an important role in increasing or decreasing our body weight. Certain foods increase fat accumulation in our body while certain foods help us in our weight loss program. Excessive intake of foods which are high in certain types of fats is not good for our bodies. Certain types of fats negatively

Your Metabolism and Weight Gain

If you have been reading about losing or maintaining weight, chances are you have heard about metabolism, and that it contributes to weight loss or gain. But just what is it? How can it be controlled? With all of the different information out there on crazy diets and so called miracle diet pills, what is the